bitterhagface (bitterhagface) wrote in wesleysnark,

Kiwi - The Dog Torturer

In all the confusion about the forum, I'd hate for the dog torturer's "Good-bye Cruel Board" post to be ignored.

Just popping back in to say a few things. In a very carefully worded post..

Primarily I want to say a huge thank you for all your support, not just in the light of recent events but throughout my pregnancy. ADL has been such a huge source of support but I am going to move on.

So I don't have the thickest sick but I can't bear to stay in a community where so many people think such terrible terrible things about me. And I am certainly not going to burden this thread with a defense of my morals.

It is really heartening to hear that things are going well for so many of us. It is wonderful to see all these beautiful babies in the avatars, I feel like I am swelling with pride from being part of such a group.

I'm sure this going to be followed by 4000 "Please don't go!" - ((((hugs)))) type of posts.

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For the life of me I cannot understand why having a six week old makes you exempt from judgment in this situation. Do these women think they invented childbirth and childrearing?
Gah, I don't have a password on ADL or IB so I couldn't post to her about what a cruel bitch she was making that poor dog suffer. I would never defer to my partner over something like that. I do rescue work with dogs and it just irks me to no end to see someone like that think she is exempt from criticism...just because she spit out a kid recently.
Bitches like her just make my blood boil.
I hope someone had the sense to take that poor animal to the vet and put it out of its' misery.
So far, 5 "No, don't go! Oh, cruel world" posts and the 6th said, "Sorry you're leaving" and goes right back to the earlier conversation about baby acne and breastfeeding. I think perhaps Miss Kiwi has fewer defenders than Honey and meyerlemon think.